DermaGrid Scan

DermaGRID is a skin-terrain analysis that uses the Dermal Recognizing and Assignable Gradation (DRAG) System to provide you with a wide range of information about your body. A bio matrix dermal image is analyzed with top-notch software decision making algorithms. The technology measures your bio markers with a set standard of markers to determine nutrition, exercise, supplemental, and lifestyle adjustments unique to you. DermaGRID provides you with information about both internal and external factors that influence your health.

DermaGRID provides you with a report that covers all areas of your health:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Amino Acids
  • Antioxidants
  • Essential Fatty Acids
  • Hydration and Oxygenation
  • Internal Influences
  • Support Programs
  • Skin Protocols
  • Food Supporters

These variables are listed under the report’s categories:

Stress influences for calming and soothing supplements that help you cope with the many different types of stress in your life.
Nutrient influences includes nourishing and restoring protocols, such as vitamins and minerals that are essential to your wellness.
Intrinsic influences show supplements that balance and regulate your body’s natural operations.
Exposure influences identify protecting and strengthening protocols for antioxidants and essential fatty acids that your body requires.
Toxin influences that show cleansing and eliminating protocols for antioxidants in your body.
Hydration influences show options for your body to replenish and hydrate.
Oxygenation influences will measure your circulation system’s overall efficiency.

The DermaGRID system gives you targeted, personalized answers for your health concerns. The comprehensive database generates a report with information you need to make wise decisions about your food, supplements, exercise, and lifestyle habits.

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