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Did you know that there are some basic healthy lifestyle tips that you can follow to make the biggest difference in your life? Living healthily may sound complicated at times — fitness, nutrition, hormones, sleep, relationships, meditation, supplements, not to mention the barrage of information coming at us from the Internet — but there are a handful of steps to take to sustain a healthy lifestyle for years to come. And the best news is that these steps are easy to add to your routines, keeping healthy as simple as possible.


Did you know that just the act of smiling can improve your mood? “Laughter is the best medicine,” it’s true, but if your workday is too stressful for a good belly laugh, just smile.

  • Each time you go to the restroom at work, use that time as a reminder to smile, whether it’s at yourself in the mirror or at a coworker in the hallway.
  • When life has drained you, spend an evening watching a funny movie or TV show, or read a book that’s guaranteed to give you the giggles.
  • Find comedians you enjoy on YouTube, and instead of complaining with your coworkers over lunch, listen to some funny stories and jokes; you’ll feel better for it.


Keeping fit doesn’t always mean spending an hour a day at the gym. It doesn’t necessarily mean running a marathon, rushing through high intensity interval training (HIIT), standing on your chin in yoga, or any other fitness achievements that sound like superhuman feats. If you can do all — or any! — of those things, all the more credit to you. For the rest of us humans, there are some small ways to fit more activity into our days:

  • Play with your pet more than normal; play fetch with your dog or drag string through the house for your cat.
  • If you have small children, toss them into the air. You’ll enjoy their laughter, and your arms will get a little workout, too.
  • Take the stairs, park far away in the grocery lot, or climb a tree with your kids.


In an ideal world, finding 20 minutes in your day for meditation would be easy. In reality, there are schedules to keep up with. But meditation doesn’t really have any rules — it’s any moment that you take to be fully present. That sounds much easier than designing a corner of the house as a meditation sanctuary, right? Meditate while you

  • Wash the dishes
  • Commute to and from work
  • Cook dinner
  • Rock your toddler to sleep
  • Vacuum the carpet
  • Repair the car


When we make healthy habits simple, we make those habits much more sustainable. Going from no physical activity to a marathon, or changing from fast food on a daily basis to the ketogenic diet, are admirable goals, but not everyone can immediately keep up that drastic of a change. Keep these tips in mind, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle!

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