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Here is a review from one of our clients:

“Absolutely love the care and concern that I receive from Dan and Tina – they have helped me through many different health issues. Always appreciate their knowledge, information and time.” -A.M.

And another from a long-time client and friend:

“The past 4 years has been a roller coaster for sure when it comes to my health but I can not thank God enough for sending me Tina and Dan Rupp over at nature Trails wellness center. They have helped me through so many different things including through my absolute worst when I was in so much pain and depleted of strength that I honestly didn’t know if I could/wanted to keep going.

Through God’s amazing healing and their wisdom and discernment the past few years have been a road of so much healing and learning what true health looks like. (Absolutely nothing against Doctors here) But I have seen so many Doctors and taken so many tests and MRIs all to have them tell me they had no idea and maybe I just needed rest?? Talk about frustrating.. 1 session with Tina and we not only had answers but action plans. I will advocate for Holistic health every day of my life because it works!! Yes it’s a slow process and no theres no quick fix drug to take but it brings true healing from the inside out. Through nutrition and diet changes to herbs and oils, my body (Praise the Lord) has been healing.

This new Protocol I have been on recently is doing it again as we have been addressing more things. It has been working in ways I never thought possible because honestly I gave up hope, my chronic fibromyalgia pain and sciatic flair ups have almost completely disappeared over the past month! We still have a ways to go with other things I’m still working through but God is so good and I truly believe He uses the good and hard things to bring Him glory and draw us to him. I would never wish my past few yrs on anyone but I also wouldn’t change it for myself because it has taught me so much to fully rely on God and how to praise Him no matter what.” -S.S.

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