Dan Rupp – Certified Massage Therapist

Dan Rupp is a Certified Massage Therapist, Emotion Code practitioner, and an all-around handyman, which is what interested him in massage therapy from the beginning – he loves problem-solving: “I enjoy what I do because each client is like a puzzle, with a unique solution for his or her dilemma.”

He graduated from the Natural Way School of Holistic Health in 2001 as a Licensed Massage Therapist and regularly attends continuing education classes in his field.

He uses cranial therapy release, rotator cuff release techniques, lymph drainage massage, trigger point release, myoskeletal release (which improves posture), polarity therapy, and many other techniques to reduce the stress and tension in the human body. He has worked with a variety of sports injuries, whiplash cases, carpal tunnel, and many other difficulties.

Dan Rupp has been featured in Massage & Bodywork magazine. This bimonthly journal is distributed to national massage, bodywork and somatic experts who have ABMP memberships; each publication discusses subjects like professional trends, research, techniques, and more. The writers at Massage & Bodywork interviewed Dan about his business experience as a massage therapist. So the next time you’re at Nature’s Trail Wellness Center for an appointment, ask for the copy of Massage & Bodywork featuring Dan, and enjoy the interview!

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“I enjoy helping people regain their freedom of movement and aiding them in being able to do daily activities with less pain and restrictions.”