Tina Rupp – Natural Health Consultant

Naturopathic doctor Tina Rupp grew up exploring and learning about God’s creation on her family’s dairy farm. She was interested in health and nutrition from a very young age, but life’s currents always seemed to lead her elsewhere.

When her son grew severely ill during his formative years, she acted on her health interest for the first time, integrating her faith with her wellness interests.

She graduated from Trinity School of Natural Health with her Doctor of Naturopathy degree in December 2002. Her final dissertation discussed multiple attributes of health recorded in the bible.

She gained a wide range of experience through two internships for her formal education and her 17 years of business.

“People say we never realize the value of health until we lose it,” Tina says. “Let’s value and maintain our health before we’re sick so that we never reach that point!”


“My experience with Dr Tina has been very positive! She has helped my family through multiple illnesses and is working with us to improve our overall health. Whenever I have a question she is quick to respond. Her positive outlook is an encouragement to me and I look forward to our appointments. I have learned so much about health through her. I’m also very thankful that she works with me when our finances are tight and helps me choose the products of most importance….Thank you Tina for all you have done for our family! You are a blessing to us and I’m so thankful the Lord put you in our path.” -V.S.