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The DermaGRID report offers a wide array of information.  Nutrient markers identify nutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.) that may be supportive.  Hydration and oxygenation levels help to identify skin replenishment needs.  Cellular turnover rates identify rejuvenation rates and aging processing. Intrinsic factoring offers info on internal influences on skin appearance (hormones, etc.). Exposure (UV, etc) and toxin (pollutants, etc.) markers can provide protection protocols (antioxidants, essential fatty acids, etc.) and cleansing support needs.  Product lines and services can be integrated into your DermaGRID program to highlight which best reflect your client’s needs based on the found results.  Images and data collected are submitted from your smart device to our database.  DermaGRID Scanning Technology has utilized a bio matrix dermal image analyzing process known as the DRAG System.  The DRAG (Dermal Recognizing & Assignable Gradation) System is built on a logic platform that utilizes a unique software decision making algorithm capable of generating real-time protocols every time a scan is conducted.  This unique system seeks to match a range of markers and associated nutrient combinations that are correlated to the supportive needs of primary intrinsic and extrinsic factors.
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