Forearm Massage

In November 2018, Dan Rupp, our therapeutic massage therapist at Natures Trail Wellness Center, attended a class about forearm massage. Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the class lasted for 16 hours over two full days, but the benefits have been long-lasting for Dan and his clients.

Forearm massage is exactly what it sounds like — practitioners use their forearms to massage and help their clients heal better and faster. Large, strong, or tight muscles can be difficult to release using just fingers, thumbs, and hands. The hips (where the body has some of its strongest and largest muscles), the shoulders (which hold a lot of tension in our modern, desk-job society), and the back and lower back are all ideal for forearm massage.

Specifically, “I have found this to be very beneficial with reducing sciatic issues, lower back pain, thoracic and shoulder pain,” Dan said.

Dan wasted no time in implementing his new knowledge about forearm massage, using the new technique on clients the first week of December 2018. Both Dan and his clients saw the benefits almost instantly!

Because forearm massage has more power, Dan can use leverage inside of muscle force to massage tight muscles. Whereas the smaller muscles in the hands can grow weary over time, the stronger forearms can continuously hold steady pressure.

“I can now incorporate the new technique to have steady pressure for a longer period of time,” Dan said, “which is resulting in greater muscle relaxation.”

Dan can also use this technique to massage a larger surface area, releasing muscles in less time. This allows the muscles to relax even further and helps deep-tissue work to become more efficient and less painful for the client.

“One client mentioned the procedure to be less painful while she’s on the table, plus more effective long-term,” Dan said.

Are you curious about how forearm massage can help you reach the next level in your health? Schedule an appointment with Dan Rupp to experience the benefits for yourself!


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