Hand Reflexology for Headache Relief

To avoid taking pain medication when you have your next headache, try hand reflexology. Reflexology is based on the belief that our human body is mapped out on our hands and feet; each finger, toe, and curve represent a different part of our bodies. This is why massaging specific points on your hands will relieve various pains – including headaches.

To relieve headaches with hand reflexology, massage your thumbs. There should be sore spots all around your thumb, extending from the top of the thumb pad to the base knuckle that joins your thumb to your hand. Massage these sore spots until the pain lessens or disappears completely.

Another reflexology point for headaches is the padded region between your index finger and thumb. This is known as a pain management pressure point. If your headache is severe, this part of your hand may even feel swollen. Gently massage this area until the pain reduces in your hand. Your headache should gradually fade as well.

As with any other pain, it is best to stop headaches before they fully form. As soon as you feel a headache starting, check these two key reflexology points in your hands. You can do this anywhere and at any time – unlike foot reflexology, there’s no need to remove your shoes and socks during a business meeting to find headache relief! You can discreetly massage your hands under the table, and nobody will notice.

When you feel your next headache forming, stop pain in its tracks with hand reflexology!

If your headaches continue, you may have a structural concern that cannot be easily fixed with hand reflexology. Feel free to contact us for a therapeutic massage therapy appointment.


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