Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver Shield

Nobody likes being susceptible to infamous winter germs. To avoid sickness, we must keep our immune systems healthy, but beyond sleeping restfully and eating healthily, how can we remain healthy through the last few weeks of winter?

For centuries people have been using the healing properties of silver to protect themselves from germs. The earliest use is recorded by Herodotus, a philosopher and historian who lived in ancient Greece. He wrote that the Greeks stored their water and other drinks in silver containers. Other accounts include ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire. During the Middle Ages, the wealthy upper-class used silver to prevent contracting the plague; it was already common knowledge that silver was a natural deterrent to pathogens. American pioneers would add a few silver coins to their water casks to prevent bacteria from growing. During WWI, soldiers used silver leaf to keep wounds clear from infections. Before antibiotics, hospitals commonly used silver. Generations of people – including Chinese emperors, Druids, Australian settlers, and Ayurvedic healers – have benefitted from silver’s healing properties.

Researchers at Nature’s Sunshine have used this information to create a beneficial silver that is free of heavy metals. Silver Shield with Aqua Sol is a toxin-free colloidal silver that boosts our immune systems. The particle-sized colloids are easily absorbed and digested by our kidneys, thanks to its 99% bioavailability. The ingredients list is pure and simple: silver.

To finish the winter strong, be sure to add Silver Shield to your winter wellness regimen!


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